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Battlestar-The Legend of Macross (13th Jan 23 at 4:29am UTC)
He smiled at the fighter's video camera, trying to sound relaxed and happy. Of course. I'm great. But what about Max? "He is well, Major." What about my brother Kramer? Is there any further information? Lisa's face on the screen suddenly became as elusive as a Sphinx. "He's in special care now, Roy.". Return now. "Roger that, sdf-1. We're on our way home." "Good luck." Dreams are always wonderful, but they are often not so satisfying when they wake up. Ah, there you are! I ran all over the world to find you! Heh. Minmei! Come on, wake up! Wake up But she didn't want to get up. She was born to be so sleepy. How wonderful and comfortable it was! You know, the dream was her best friend. But it's more comfortable to get out of bed by yourself than to be rudely-or even forcefully-shaken awake. She rubbed her eyes, blinked, and caught sight of Vance? Hasley Wood 。“ What's the matter? He looked very angry. Honey, baby, isn't it enough that the shooting has to be suspended because of your absence! You are the main character. Without you, how can this film go on? She yawned, looked around, and suddenly froze. Didn't you see a young man here when you entered the house? "Hey, honey, are you stupid or something?" He shouted and shouted. Time is money, as long as it goes with money, Vance? Hasleywood is going to be really nasty. 。 According to the contract, if the shooting cost of the film does not exceed the budget,lycopene for skin, he will receive a certain percentage of the remaining funds. Come to think of it, you have a great future ahead of you, sweetheart! You shouldn't be spending your time with boys or anything like that, you know? He looked at the bed, which was so messy that it was impossible to sleep: he breathed a sigh of relief that nothing had happened, that no one had tried to buy his star, that no one had interviewed her or secretly promised her anything. We have to do five more shots today! He said firmly, "Come on, baby, let's go." He grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her off the eraser. Minmei gave in, fenugreek saponins ,pumpkin seed extract, and she willingly followed him quickly away. She found that as a star, she had to put up with being chased around. She was infatuated with the magic of big stars, but she never thought about the price she would pay for it. Besides, it was worth it to her, wasn't it? "My father is absolutely right," said Vance? Hasley Wood came out with this. "He said I should become an accountant.". In the hangar of the morphing fighter, ground maintenance personnel were busy inspecting the aircraft that had just landed. The battle with the Quindrenno mecha had left them with a lot of new scars, and it seemed that the ground crew would not be able to sleep for the next few hours. Two military mechanics set up a ladder on the Skeleton Squadron Leader's plane, ready to climb into the cockpit for a good look. Whoa! "This time he was really shot?!" One of them said. "I can't believe he was able to fly back, alone." He followed his teammate up the escalator and touched his back, when another maintenance man suddenly let out a short shout and he stopped immediately. Hey, what "" He turned his head and leaned over to a corner a few feet away on the side of the ladder-just one of the most basic skills in their business. As soon as he looked into the cockpit, he could not help stopping his work. There was a bulge in the weak armor plate of the cockpit, and there were several holes in the back. The seat has also been stained with blood, and the blood has even flowed to the ground. Roy? Falk and other wounded colleagues were sitting in the infirmary waiting for the doctor to sort them out. The most seriously injured boys were sent to the emergency room first. Roy had lost a lot of blood. He was already feeling a little dizzy, but the wound was easily sewn up. He had just received a bottle of plasma.
"Hey," he asked a nurse hurrying past, "is this treatment really necessary?" He raised his arm, which had been laid flat, and the blood transfusion tube was still dangling on it. Just shut up and sit there, or I'm going to get that big, smelly Bruno and sit him down on your beautiful, blond head. Her voice was sweet, and it was the same nurse who had nursed Rick. As a member of the military's special shock-trauma-burn unit, she rushed over as soon as the alarm bell rang. Dr. Hassan is going to take some X-rays of you, pretty boy, and he needs to make sure you don't have any serious internal bleeding. In addition to being an excellent nurse, she has a very beautiful face. She has long, thin legs, and she knows how to make a man happy, and even the most headstrong fighter pilot has to be at her mercy. Roy smiled as he relaxed back in his chair. She blew him a kiss and left. He felt light because of the loss of blood, but he was able to bear the pain of the wound and his mind was clear. Then he thought of Clema. Almost blindly, he reached out and reached a man in a green uniform who was closest to him. Hey, nurse -- But it was the bottom of Dr. Hasan's trousers that he had grabbed, and the short,turmeric extract powder, wiry doctor had the mask used by surgeons around his neck. At Roy's grasp, he stopped and looked at Roy. The doctor and the skeleton squadron leader are old acquaintances. Roy has a lot of people in his hospital, so he has been in this ward many times before. Clema? Roy asked hopefully.
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