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Murder on the Orient Express _ Agatha Christie _ t (13th Jan 23 at 4:29am UTC)
"Oh no, no." The woman leaned forward and said in French, "Monsieur Poirot, he is explaining to you what happened." She paused and said in English, "I'm afraid -- I'm very afraid, you know.". I was afraid, then, to bring up the sad scene of the past. The thought of being suspected or even thrown into prison, Monsieur Poirot, terrified me to death. Can't you understand at all? Her voice was touching-deep-emotional-pleading, and it was Linda, the actress? The voice of Arden's daughter. 。 Poirot looked at her seriously. If I believed in you, Madame -- I don't mean to say I didn't believe in you -- you could help me. "Help you?" "Yes.". The reason for the murder should be traced back to the past-the tragedy that destroyed your family and made your life as a girl full of bitterness. Tell me what happened, ma'am. That way, I can find out the context of the whole case. What is there to say? They're all dead. She repeated bitterly. 'All dead-all dead, Robert,turmeric extract powder, Sonia-dear, dear Daisy. How beautiful she was -- how happy -- how lovely her curls were. Her disappearance drove us all into a frenzy. There is another victim, madam. An indirect victim, you can say. Poor Susan? Yeah, I almost forgot about her. The police questioned her and they were convinced that she had something to do with the case. There may be -- but even if there is, there is no guilt. I believe, at the time,tannic acid astringent, she was gossiping about Daisy's holiday time. Poor thing, she was terribly excited -- she thought she was responsible for Daisy's disappearance. She shuddered as she spoke. She jumped out of the window. Oh, it was terrible. She covered her face with her hands. What nationality is she, madam? "The French." What is her last name? "It's ridiculous, but I don't remember-we all called her Susan, a beautiful, smiling girl.". She is loyal to Daisy. "She's a nanny, isn't she?" "Yes." "Who is the nurse?" She is a trained hospital nurse. Her name is Stangelberg. She was loyal to Daisy -- to my sister. Now, madam, I want you to think carefully before you answer this question. Have you seen anyone you know since you got on the bus? She stared at him blankly. Me? No, not one. "Do you know the Duchess of Drego Milov?" "Oh, jujube seed powder ,ghana seed extract, her?"? Of course I do. I thought you meant then -- then -- anyone. That's what I mean, Madame. Now you have to think about it. Remember, many years have passed. The man may have changed his appearance. Helina was lost in thought. Then she said: "No -- I believe -- no one I know." "You yourself — you were a girl then — didn't anyone take care of your studies or take care of your life?" "Oh, yes, a stern guardian of mine-like my governess, and, at the same time, Sonia's secretary. She's English, or rather Scottish-a tall redhead." "What is her name?" "Miss Fribodi." "Old or young." She looks terribly old to me. Actually, I don't think she's over forty. Susan, of course, often takes care of my clothes and serves me. "Is there no one else in that house?" "Only servants." "Are you quite sure, madam, that you don't know any of the people on the bus?" She answered earnestly: "No, sir, not one." `` w w w.x iaoshu otx t.c o m Chapter 5 the Christian name of the Duchess. Small% say ^ txt-day. Don The count and his wife are gone. Poirot looked at his friend. "You see," he said, "we have come a long way.
” "Very well," said Mr. Bowker with all sincerity, "I should never have dreamed of suspecting Count Andrey and his wife. I admit, I thought they were completely unrelated. Now I think she must have done it. This is pretty miserable. But she's not going to the guillotine. She has the conditions to reduce the sentence. A few years in prison at the most -- at the most. "In fact, you believe very much that she is guilty?" My dear friend, is there really no doubt? I think, in your confident way, you seem to say that when the train clears the snowdrift, the case will be handed over to the police, and we can rest. "Do you not believe the count's categorical affirmation, on his honour, of his wife's innocence?" "My dear — naturally — what has he to say?"? He likes his wife. He wants to save her! They are good liars-aristocratic, but what else is there to tell? "Well, you know, I have a contrary opinion -- he may be telling the truth." No, no. Don't forget this handkerchief. This handkerchief alone is enough to explain the problem. "Oh, I don't believe in handkerchiefs.". Do you remember that I have been reminding you that there are two possibilities for the owner of the handkerchief? "Be that as it may --" Mr. Bowker had not finished speaking. At that moment, the door of the dining car was opened and the Duchess of Dragomilov came in. She made a beeline for them, and all three stood up. She spoke only to Poirot, leaving the other two alone. "I believe, sir,naringenin price," she said, "that you have here one of my handkerchiefs." Poirot glanced at his friend with a triumphant look in his eyes. Is this one, madam? He took out his muslin handkerchief. That's it. My initials are in the corner. 。
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