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Li Liang-Small Fish Eat Big Fish (13th Jan 23 at 3:27am UTC)
Princess Anle said with a solemn face, "No matter how you use the magic, there is a certain procedure. You must bathe and purify yourself, burn incense and worship, and face each other alone." As a matter of fact, there was no room for discussion, so I had to find a quiet room. Under the service of the maid, I bathed and cleaned myself, burned incense and worshipped. After everything was done, a maid came out and said, "Lord Luo, you can come in now." Xiaoyuer obeyed and stepped into the door. Dumb followed him, but was blocked by the maid of honor. "Second Sect Leader, please stay," he said. "Why?" Asked Dumb. "You have to face each other alone," said the maid. "It doesn't matter," said Dumb. "A visit won't get in the way." "No," said the maid with a livid face. Dumb was rebuffed. Feng stepped forward and said, "I'm his fiancee. Can I go in and keep him company?" The palace maid was still ruthless: "There are a lot of taboos in the collection of tricks in Miaojiang. It is not only necessary to face each other alone, but also necessary to connect the skin. Although they are as close as husband and wife, and as close as mother and son, they cannot be separated." This is no different from giving Mrs. Luo Ji Xiangyun a return ticket, conveniently closing the door, guarding outside the door, is tantamount to rejecting all the people. When Dumb heard what he heard and saw, he didn't know whether he was happy or sad. His pet phrase came again. He said to Feng'er, "Miserable,side impact door beams, miserable. Your skin is so close to each other. You're in danger of marrying a second-hand husband." The madman Hou Zhi scolded. Dumb, what are you talking about? It's solemn and sacred. Don't make irresponsible remarks! The old monkey lost his temper. How dare the little monkey put half a fart more? He stretched out his tongue and closed his mouth. Feng'er and Xiaoyuer's feelings are not overnight, sincere, as firm as stone, rather than worrying about Duan Feifei hooking up into rape, it is more appropriate to say that she is more concerned about not taking back the original spirit of the insect smoothly. The procedure of receiving the bewitching was quite complicated, and the time dragged on for a long time. It was not until the middle of the night that it was finished. When the door opened, Xiaoyuer and Princess Anle walked out shoulder to shoulder. Both of them were well-dressed and unsmiling. In addition, the old monkey stopped them with his eyes. Dumb wanted to ask about the spring scenery in the room, but he couldn't open his mouth. The bewitching insect has gone,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, the huge poison has been removed, and there is only one fox hunting event left. Kuangfu Xinxing was the first to say, "Come on, let's open the iron gate now and drag those old ghosts out and cut them into pieces one by one." Shi Youjiang was more steady and prudent. "Wouldn't it be easier to starve them for three days and three nights?" He asked. Tai Chi Lao Zu refused. "No, I won't do it," he shouted. "Killing a pig or a cow is boring. Fighting a wild boar or a wild cow is exciting enough!"! My old man advocated opening the iron gate and entering immediately. Hou Zhi, the madman, said, "Old Shi is absolutely right. Waiting to collect the corpse is so carefree. Why do you have to work so hard to find excitement?" Inadvertently, the two sides were locked in a stalemate. Mrs. Luo, Ji Xiangyun, hesitated for a moment and said, "I think so. Please rest for a night and fight the demons to the death tomorrow morning." Luo Siwei, the leader of Wulin, and Ji Xiangyun are equally famous in Jianghu, especially the Luo family is the victim. This compromise plan immediately received a unanimous response. Drunkard Bai Yun said, "It's easy to do things when you are full of energy." "Kill the boar first," said the white warbler. "Kill the big Buffalo again," said the white crane. "Good, cold drawn tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes," said the one-word gentleman. Old Monkey scolds: "Good your head, go to sleep! Go to sleep!" This is superfluous. The lazy man has fallen into bed and is fast asleep. It's dawn. The sun rises in the east. All the heroes gathered outside the cave door. Xiaoyuer is asking Ma Kui: "Is there any movement?" Ma Kui bowed and said, "It's strange. I haven't seen any movement. It seems that no one is there." Dumb snorted coldly and said, "Hum, they can hold their breath. I, Mr. Dumb, don't believe how long I can hold it." Suddenly a long body, rushed to the iron gate, pass! Pass! Kicked two feet, raise one's voice smelly scold: "Hey, you but in the nest, kill each other to death light, still have the word of living person to put a fart." "*** your own grandparents. If you are a hero, open the iron gate and see who is superior in kungfu." Rude and arrogant, the sound is like a broken Gong, which is the voice of Zhang Zhong, the God of seven killings. Feng'er, Dumb and Xiaoyuer moved quickly and put their eyes on the small hole of the iron gate. Immediately see, thousand face person demon, cold swallow, Wang Hua, Zhang Zhong, you Quanhe, Zhang Feihu all good inside. Suddenly feeling black in front of her eyes, Feng'er and Xiaoyuer shouted in their hearts, "Terrible!" 。 Turned his head and flashed, unscathed, Dumb occupied a big hole, and reacted a little late, Bah! His eyebrows and eyes were spat by a mouthful of thick phlegm from Butcher Wang. He was so angry that he scolded endlessly: "Old bastard, old tortoise, kill a thousand knives, wait and see how I deal with you!" "Open the door, open the door," said Red Butcher Wang Hua in a voice. "Grandpa Wang will urinate if you don't open the door." It's not a joke. Before long, I saw a stream of urine coming out. Angered Tai Chi Lao Zu, also angered the crazy husband Xin Xing, said in unison: "Let them out, began to slaughter pigs and cattle." The hero saw the same thing. Feng'er, Dumb, Xiaoyuer, and Princess Anle had the same idea. They immediately inserted the black sword, the jade bracelet, the Taiji stick, and the star of the heavenly king into the hole in the door and opened the iron door. Boom! Kuang Fu Xin Xing and Tai Chi Lao Zu pushed out a palm together, and the iron door opened. Weird! Just now the dog was howling and barking, but now there was no one. Qunhao looked at each other and rushed in, relying on the large number of people, ready to fight and round up together. Unexpectedly, when they sank into a branch cave, they were moved to six large wooden boxes at the door, but suddenly six people appeared and rushed out of the cave desperately. They were so unlucky that they ran out for only ten feet and were stopped. A total of three people came, two women and one man. The white-haired old lady was Grandma Huangshan, the nun dressed up was Abbess Wugou (Lingbo Fairy Shangguan Wanqian), and the other was Lord of Gourd Valley Iron Palm Pai Yunlin Qingfeng. Three people did not come together, coincidentally, the front and back feet arrived, just blocked the way of six people, such as the thousand-faced demon. The demon with a thousand faces gazed at Shangguan Wanqian, Lord of the Valley of Immortals,Cold Drawn Tubes, and said, "Wanqian, why did you become a monk?" Shangguan Wanqian was very surprised at the demon with a thousand faces. "Who is the benefactor?" She asked. 。
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