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The heartthrob is fishing again. (13th Jan 23 at 3:21am UTC)
What Y984 does not know is that this is a change that the body has to make in order to take on the powerful soul body. After so many reincarnations, the power of the soul has already been strong enough to affect the physical body, not to mention that a certain God, for reasons that cannot be explained clearly, has also given her some energy from time to time. Y984 only knows that Goldfinger needs to be exchanged in the mall, but it doesn't know that Goldfinger is essentially energy, and its host has so much energy that it can be regarded as a mobile Goldfinger. With such a powerful power of the soul, if it is a high-level task, it will take a hundred years to transform the body successfully, like this low-level task, a month can change the body. This is the reason why a certain God doesn't want to do low-level tasks. How can you kill a chicken with an ox knife? However, this month is a change of appearance, but because of the short time, it has not reached the point of saying that the United States is so beautiful that people have bad intentions. Qian Junfan also did not believe it and said, "Peach Blossom, don't tease me at this time." He was still gentle and gentle on the face, but he said in a spoiled way, "Hum, you don't believe her!" "I don't believe it." Qian Junfan coaxed, but in fact he didn't believe it. The man on the opposite side obviously heard the hesitation in his words and said angrily, "You wait for me for an hour, I'll take a bath,plastic pallet manufacturer, and then we'll have a video!" "Eh?"? Video Qian Junfan was surprised to know that he had asked Peach Blossom for videos many times before, but Peach Blossom refused all of them and was very angry. Over time, he dared not mention them. Unexpectedly, she offered to have a video with him this time! 'What's The matter? You still don't want to? The girl on the phone asked angrily. Qian Junfan hurriedly said: "No, no, yes, of course." "Then it's settled. See you in an hour!" Qian Junfan has not answered the word, the other end of the phone hung up. He's not angry either. He thinks he knows peach blossoms very well. Peach Blossom claimed that she was a big sister, but in fact,drum spill pallet, in addition to the very beginning of the bosom sister, the other time some small Jiao Man, plus their own voice is very sweet, she lost a little temper in the ears like acting like a spoiled child. Qian Junfan looked at the picture of the ugly woman on the screen again. He actually had a little doubt before he called, but now he was completely dispelled by Peach Blossom's confident tone. It was useless to think too much. Anyway, an hour later, he would be able to see Peach Blossom himself! Qian Junfan looked at the time, an hour, then he also went to take a bath? When Qian Junru came in, he thought his brother was furious, inconsolable, or still at the bottom of the valley. However, what the hell is it to go to the toilet with a bath towel and underwear so happily? The author has something to say: online love? I have a thousand fake photos, and I have all the looks you like. Chapter 3 The Counterattack of the Dead Net Red (2) "Brother?" Qian Junfan's action was a silly look at his brother who suddenly came in. Qian Junru took a plate of fruit and smiled harmlessly at others: "Xiaofan, I came to send you fruit. Seeing that you didn't close the door, plastic pallet suppliers ,plastic bulk containers, I came in directly." Qian Junfan looked at the door in surprise. Hey, didn't he close the door? How does he remember turning it off? Forget it. I guess I made a mistake. But my brother is too strange. This kind of thing is not sent by my mother or aunt. Why did he come here today? Qian Junru, with his brother's suspicious eyes, calmly put the fruit tray on the computer desk and glanced at his brother's computer. This, elder brother gentleman also feels puzzled, is this the post that he lets a person send? So the younger brother has seen it? Why is there no reaction at all? And go cheerfully. Take a shower? "Xiaofan, are you going to take a shower?" Qian Junru asked tentatively. Ah, yes. Qian Junfan reacted, "Brother, I'm going to take a shower first, and we'll talk when we're free." Qian Junru watched his brother rush into the bathroom, and after a while, the sound of the shower spray came, mixed with a pleasant tune. Qian Junru's face darkened, and his younger brother read the post like a man who had nothing to do. He hummed a song in a good mood, and must have been coaxed by the peach blossom.
That ugly woman is really too shameless, the true identity has burst out, but also want to quibble? Do you have to go to the door to be dead set? When Qian Junfan finished his bath and blew his head out, he found that his brother had not left yet. Qian Junfan actually respected and feared his brother, and had some indescribable jealousy, because he felt that he had lived in the shadow of his brother since childhood. His brother was nine years older than him, and he was a genius from an early age. There was a special room in the house to display his brother's awards, such as math competitions, physics competitions, programming competitions, violin competitions, swimming competitions, and so on. Unlike his college mother, who wouldn't let him go abroad, his brother was sent abroad to study when he was young. When he came home from college, he took over the company. He was very capable, but he didn't even let him pursue his dream. I feel that my brother is the son of this family, and he is the pet of this family. Brother, why are you still here? Qian Junfan muttered directly. As soon as Qian Junru heard his brother's tone, he knew that his brother did not welcome him now. He has some helplessness, compared with Qian Junfan's dislike, Qian Junru still has feelings for his younger brother. That is, the difference between the two is so big that they can't play together since they were young. In addition, Qian Junru has lived abroad since he was young, so they are inevitably separated. But after all, is his own brother, Qian Junru is still very emotional to Qian Junfan, and even some pity for him. There are some things that the younger brother doesn't know, and he can't say, but the younger brother is abandoned, and it's probably his mother's selfishness. Because their father, in addition to their two sons, had an illegitimate child outside, and even divorced his mother that year. The mother firmly disagreed and tried desperately to save her father, and the younger brother was a means for the mother to save her father. Perhaps the more shrewd and Philistine people are,collapsible pallet box, the more they like innocent and lovely people. The father really dotes on the youngest son, and with the efforts of the mother, he finally succeeds in pulling back his father's heart.
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