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Quickly wear black and fall in love with white lot (13th Jan 23 at 3:19am UTC)
Wu Wei instinctively straightened up, a little flustered: "Yes, the teacher had a bad stomach yesterday, and I asked him to bring a leave note in class next time." "Are you in the same dormitory?" Wu was stupefied, then said: "Yes." "You don't need a leave note. Just come and tell me." Teacher He nodded and motioned him to sit down. He did not speak. After the roll call, he closed the list and began the lecture. The teacher was very considerate, and the girls at the bottom began to be nymphomaniacs again. Wu was confused at the bottom of his cell phone, Han Xiu should not know the teacher, but why did no one else ask him, but also said that he did not need to bring a leave note? Shaking his head, he thought of the person who would blush in an instant if he was a little afraid of touching it, and he smiled. This feature is really easy to remember. And that thin little body at first glance really looks like a perennial weak body, no wonder the teacher will believe. Teacher He on the platform changed a piece of light film to continue to explain, but the line of sight fell on Wu Huang, who was in a daze at the bottom, and his eyes were a little cold. The students at the bottom could not help tightening their clothes. Could it be that the heating in the classroom was broken? Sure enough, they should stay in the dormitory at this time. Why did they run out early in the morning to suffer. Lu Lehan slept soundly in the dormitory, the doors and windows were closed tightly,Nail machine manufacturer, a small face was covered with a crimson, the quilt covered the small chin, and it became more and more obvious that some faces were only palm-sized. When Wu Wu entered the door, he saw such a scene, and he did not know whether it was because of the great temperature difference between the outside and the dormitory or something else, and suddenly there was a hot and dry feeling from the bottom of his heart. The whole person all over the body out of the thick thin sweat,wire nail machine manufacturers, autumn clothes tightly attached to the body some uncomfortable. Gently twisted to ease the sticky feeling, removed the sight that had been fixed on Lu Lehan's face when he entered the door, and slowly put the plastic bag in his hand on the table. Having tried his best to control the force to avoid friction, Lu Lehan opened his eyes in a daze. Wu's hand stopped in midair and asked softly, "Are you awake?" Lu Lehan half squinted at him for a long time before he said, "Yes." Because the dormitory is a little dry, the voice is astringent and hoarse, Lu Lehan sat up with a blank face, blinked hard or some can not see clearly, the room is too stuffy. Wu's heart beat faster. He turned around hurriedly and poured half a glass of water. He didn't look at him very much. He handed it over directly: "Drink some water. I'll go out and buy a humidifier when I'm free. You are too delicate. I've lived here for so many years and I haven't seen you like this." Lu Lehan was feeling uncomfortable in his throat and reached out to take it, but he instinctively withdrew his hand before he reached the cup. Wu only felt that his fingertips seemed to touch a soft thing, and that half of his body was instantly numb, and a soft cup on his wrist fell directly onto the bed. Lu Lehan was frightened, Automatic nail machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, the whole person fell back tightly against the wall, because the room was too warm, the tip of the nose came out of thin beads of sweat, the blush of the cheeks more obvious. Are you all right? Did you burn it? With a worried look on his face, Wu wanted to grab Lu Lehan's hand and suddenly took it back in the air. Han Xiu doesn't like people touching him very much. You also know that it is hot. Then you pass it to me directly with a glass. How can you pour boiling water on the mimosa directly? The leaves are almost scalded by you. Hurriedly shook his head, Lu Lehan face is full of panic, in a hurry to rescue their sheets and quilts, but unfortunately all sacrificed, there is no water left, are absorbed. Han Xiu likes water, the cups are extra-large, and every time he drinks it directly. Today is also cool enough, not only the mattress, but also the quilt is wet. Some headache, their sheets and quilts were washed yesterday, the weather is too cold, hanging outside the whole frozen into a popsicle, today Lu Lehan uncomfortable also did not care, this will still be hard hanging outside the window, now this set is sacrificed, so how to sleep tonight. Wu Wei instantly reacted, hurriedly picked up the cup and put it on one side of the stool, hurriedly pulled open the quilt on his body and said: "You get up first, I'll see if I can dry it quickly." The quilt was pulled tightly by Lu Lehan, and Wu Huang pulled it subconsciously and saw two white thighs.
Lu Lehan: ".." Wu Wu: ".." With a jump in his eyebrows, Lu Lehan grabbed the other corner of the quilt and covered himself with it. Body His cheeks were so red that they almost bled. Wu was stunned by the whole person. Ah, you're bleeding. Lu Lehan reminded in a low voice. He quickly covered his nose with his hand and turned around. "I'm sorry," Wu said in a muffled voice. Then he walked quickly into the bathroom. Lu Lehan hurriedly grabbed the pants next to him and put them on with his legs as fast as he could. Looking at the water-stained and blood-stained sheets and quilts in front of him, he had a headache. He rolled them all up and threw them directly into the basin. Now he kind of believes that Wu is the main character. Just when Lu Lehan couldn't help asking aloud if the people in the toilet were still alive, Wu came out of the bathroom with a face full of love. Wu's whole face was a little dispirited. When he just saw the discontented face in the mirror, the whole person was shocked. He had a nosebleed on a man's leg, but he didn't see it clearly at all. The recent weather was still too dry. Very not easy to clean up the nosebleed, against the wall of the bathroom, close your eyes, that is, the two long, thin and white thighs you just saw, hurriedly open your eyes and shake out the discordant picture. I was wondering why I remembered so clearly at a glance. I sighed and thought of Han Xiu outside. I would make do with spending a night in the bathroom tonight. How could I sleep when I went out like this. Think also feel unrealistic, but finally feel some deliberate fuss, took a look at the mirror hard patted his face,Nail machine supplier, the brain went through the hidden files in the computer, sighed and went out. Not to mention the problem of whether to sleep in the bathroom or not, Han Xiu's bedding problem has to be solved by others.
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