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His afterheat (13th Dec 22 at 1:26am UTC)
At seven o'clock, Jiang Xuchen had just woken up, and as soon as he saw his mother, he happily threw himself into her arms and rubbed against her. Mom, I miss you so much. With a soft heart, Jiang Wei pinched his face and said, "I miss you, too." Jiang Wei's mother looked at the mother and son in the back and complained lovingly: "Chen Chen acted like a spoiled child as soon as she saw her mother." Jiang Xuchen grinned and said sweetly, "Good morning, Grandma!" "Good morning, little Chen Chen." Jiang Wei's mother dotes on her face. "Go to wash quickly. Grandma made breakfast. You can eat it after washing." "Good!" Jiang Xuchen answered obediently. Jiang Wei's smile was slightly stiff, and Xu Yibei was still waiting downstairs. Mom, we won't eat it. "Why?" "I cooked cereal porridge when I came out, and we went back to eat it." "I cooked bone porridge to supplement Chen Chen with calcium, which is better than cereal porridge." Jiang Wei had no choice but to change the reason. It's like this. I'm going to take Chen Chen to play. I'm going to be late for an appointment with a friend. "Friends?" Jiang Wei's mother looked suspicious. Jiang Wei wanted to bite his lip again, but fortunately he realized it in time and restrained himself. She nodded. Boyfriend? Jiang Wei has a headache. She doesn't want to lie, especially in front of her children, but she can't tell the whole story. She had to admit that she had been asked to continue. Uh Jiang Wei's mother immediately narrowed her eyes with a smile and suddenly said, "In that case, you should take Chen Chen with you as soon as possible. I'll put the tube bone porridge in the thermos box, and you can take it back to eat." "All right, thank you,tile trim factory, Mom." "Mother and daughter, Shesh?" Before Jiang Wei went out, her mother asked her when she would bring her "boyfriend" to meet her. Jiang Wei said perfunctorily that she would talk about it later. Xu Yibei waited in the car for more than ten minutes. Jiang only held Jiang Xuchen in one hand and appeared with an insulated lunch box in the other. Seeing the car, Jiang Weicai told Jiang Xuchen that Xu Yibei was in the car. As soon as the little guy heard it, he was excited and ran over. Jiang Wei was afraid that Xu Yibei would open the door and get off, so he ran with him. Jiang Wei and Jiang Xuchen opened the door of the back seat and got on the bus. Jiang Xuchen immediately shouted, "Dad!" Xu Yibei, sitting in the driver's seat,tile profile factory, turned around with a clear smile on his face. Be good. Jiang Xuchen lay on the back of his chair and kissed Xu Yibei's face. Dad, I miss you so much. The child's emotions showed through unabashedly. Xu Yibei was slightly stunned, and immediately there was a warm feeling in his heart. I miss you, too. Jiang Xuchen grinned happily and then asked, "Do you miss your mother?" Jiang Wei, who sat aside and looked at them with a smile, froze. Xu Yibei's eyes moved to her face, and the corners of his mouth raised a smile and said, "Of course I want to." Jiang Xuchen liked the answer very much and twisted his buttocks excitedly. Jiang Wei's cheeks flushed, looking at the proud pit of his mother's little guy, could not help but raise his hand to pat his little buttocks. Little rascal. Jiang Xuchen gave an exaggerated "Ouch", and then his little hand reached back and rubbed his buttocks, saying: "It doesn't hurt!" Jiang Xuchen, who is extremely excited, will like acting. Jiang Wei was amused by him and could not do anything about him. Xu Yibei could not help laughing. They drove home, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless steel edging strip, had a simple breakfast, then packed their swimsuits and a few odds and ends and set off. Xu Yibei has planned to go to the island park to play together today. Island park tickets are not cheap, in order to protect the environment, the number of visitors is limited every day. Jiang Wei took Jiang Xuchen to play once before, because he was too young to play a lot of drama projects, not worth it. Jiang Xuchen has no requirements for where to play, as long as he can be with his parents, he is very happy. The car stopped at the dock, Xu Yibei opened the back door and picked up Jiang Xuchen. Jiang Xuchen had not been held by his father for a long time. At this time, he was finally satisfied. His face was full of smiles, and his small teeth were neatly exposed, which was indescribably lovely. His son loves to laugh so much. Turning to look at Jiang Wei on the other side of the car, the child's character is like her, really good. Suddenly stared at by him, Jiang Wei was stupefied, subconsciously raised his hand to touch his face, thinking there was something. Xu Yibei couldn't help laughing. "What are you looking at me for?" Asked Jiang Wei. Xu Yibei's face is not red and his heart is not beating. "If you are beautiful, just look at it for a while." Jiang Wei: ".." I always feel that this way of flirting with girls is not suitable for him.
This is really not suitable for Xu Yibei, last night he saw Lu Yiming called him, then called to ask him what happened. Lu Yiming said that he was only concerned about the progress of him and Jiang Wei, and Xu Yibei asked him how he usually pursued women. Lu Yiming's advice is to say something provocative from time to time, such as praising her beauty and loveliness, giving gifts, and so on. Xu Yibei is now praised, but looking at Jiang Wei's reaction, it seems that he is not very excited, and his face is not red. As for the present, he is preparing it. Because this is Jiang Wei's hometown, she consciously took the responsibility of guiding and took Xu Yibei to buy a ticket to board the ship. But Xu Yibei pulled her. Go this way. Not knowing why, Jiang Wei pointed to the ticket office and said, "Buy a ticket there." Whether it's a cruise ticket or a speedboat, you buy it there. Xu Yibei held Jiang Xuchen in one hand and grabbed her wrist in the other, "I rented a speedboat." Well, it's okay for a rich man to rent a speedboat, and it's not surprising to buy one. If you like to go to sea, I'll buy a speedboat some other time. He said whatever Jiang Wei thought. You can buy it if you want. Why use them as an excuse. Xu Yibei didn't say anything more. Renting a speedboat saved a lot of time, and more than twenty minutes later, they arrived on the island. After getting off the boat, Jiang Xuchen ran happily on the beach. It is autumn now, the sunshine is weak in the morning, and the sea breeze is a little cool. Xu Yibei picked him up from behind Jiang Xuchen, then lifted him high and put him on her shoulder. Jiang Xuchen, who was suddenly lifted high, screamed excitedly, and when he sat on his father's shoulder, he was even more happy. In the past, I saw that others could sit on my father's shoulders and be very tall. Now, he can too,aluminium edge trim, and his father is taller than others. Mom, Chen Chen is so tall! The little guy shared the joy with his mother. Jiang Wei said with a smile, "Chen Chen is taller than his mother." 。
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