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The evil wife that the underworld matchmaker is ma (13th Dec 22 at 1:26am UTC)
Say, that man is to open a mouth hurriedly again: "Fat Ye says you can save us, be, you can save us, we We'd rather die than live. Speaking of the back, a big man actually covered his face and began to cry. As soon as the man cried, the team in the room began to relax. The people in this village are no longer human beings in the eyes of the expedition members, but ghosts and demons who eat people. But now seeing this man crying here, the expedition found that he was also a living, crying person, ah, and immediately began to recover from the extreme panic. On this side, after the man sobbed, he slowly told Mo Xiaoye about their village. Originally, this village has existed for more than two thousand years, and in this more than two thousand years, this village has been in accordance with the ancestral precepts, aloof from worldly affairs, self-care and self-reproduction. However, more than ten years ago, the village, which had been quiet,china tile trim, suddenly had an accident. That night, a group of evil spirits in ancient military uniforms came out of the mountains and entered the village in the middle of the night. Then the people who were still sleeping were dragged out and taken away directly, and many people were taken away by the group of Yin soldiers that night. And the evil spirits in military uniforms, chained and whipped the looted people, drove them into the mountains, and those people never came back. This incident plunged the village into despair at that time. The villagers did not know what had happened, but they could intuitively know that they were in a great crisis. So they no longer cared about the ancestral precepts. All of them wanted to leave here with their families. But who knows, when they left the village for the first time and stepped on the stone bridge that they had never seen anything different,metal trim manufacturers, the bridge suddenly stretched out countless ghost hands and dragged down the people who came to the bridge. Those people were struggling in the water, and the people above were about to rescue them, but then everyone saw the frightening scene: the people who fell into the water were torn apart by the ghost hands stretched out from the bridge, and all of them were dragged into the bridge. Then there is the sound of chewing that makes people feel cold from the bone marrow. Just for a moment, the people who fell into the river disappeared, leaving only a blood-red river. For two thousand years, the ancestral precepts in the village clearly stipulated that it was not allowed to leave the village and walk on the stone bridge. However, the village was surrounded by mountains on three sides, and the stone bridge was the only way to the outside. If they wanted to get out of the village, they had to cross the bridge.. This is the first time the villagers want to go out, but also the first time to set foot on the stone bridge, who knows, such a thing happened. Just when everyone stopped by the bridge and didn't know what to do, they saw a thick fog coming up not far from the bridge, and then the ghost soldier came out of the fog again and headed for the village. It was the group of Yin soldiers who had captured a group of people from the village last time. The people in the village were fried and screamed. Some people turned around and ran back to the village, stainless steel tile edging ,stainless tile trim, trying to hide as soon as possible. Some bold people were cruel and wanted to Wade through the river instead of taking the bridge. Just as the man walked into the river, everyone saw red or black shadows appearing in the drinking water, ghostly, dragging the people who walked into the river to the bottom of the water in an instant, and then dragging them towards the stone bridge at the bottom of the water. Soon, the men were swallowed up by the stone bridge. But when these people were swallowed by the stone bridge, a strange scene happened on the bridge. That line of Yin soldiers just set foot on the stone bridge, is the ghost hand stretched out inside the bridge is suddenly toward those Yin soldiers in the past, was directly pulled into the Yin soldiers is inside the bridge, became a member of the stone bridge. In a moment, the Yin soldiers who stepped on the stone bridge were dragged down, while the rest of the Yin soldiers who had not yet stepped on the stone bridge dared not step forward and stood across the bridge looking at the villagers on this side, roaring angrily. The villagers who had been running away from the village stopped and looked at each other across a stone bridge. Two hours later, it was almost dawn, and the line of Yin soldiers reluctantly returned to the thick fog and disappeared in front of everyone. After daybreak, Yin Bing disappeared, and the stone bridge was restored as before. Some people don't give up and want to cross the bridge. However, as soon as you get to the bridge, you will fall into the water for no reason.
They did not see anything, but felt their ankles being pulled, making them fall into the water, and then dragged back to the shore in the direction of the village by invisible forces in the water. They thought of countless ways, but. Still couldn't get out of the village. At the time of the next full moon, those Yin soldiers appeared again. This time, some people were taken away from the village. Thinking of the last time, the ghost hands on the stone bridge blocked the Yin soldiers on the opposite side, the villagers of the village remembered the people who had been swallowed by the stone bridge, as well as the blood in the river. Finally, on the next full moon night, under the leadership of the village head, several young adults caught several lonely old people in the village, and pushed them under the bridge when they saw the appearance of Yin soldiers on the opposite side. The old people were swallowed up by the stone bridge, and sure enough. When the ghost soldiers crossed the bridge, they were stopped by the ghost hands again. This time, the villagers finally know that this stone bridge prevents them from leaving, but it can also protect them, but. The price of this protection is too high. Later, the villagers tried to feed the stone bridge with animals, but to no avail. After some people were captured again, the villagers had to continue to feed the bridge with people from the village. And the lonely people in the village became the victims at the front of the line. But the village is so big, everyone knows that one day, it will be their turn, and at that time, people outside the village began to appear. Those people were deceived by the disguised hospitality of the villagers and never left after they stayed in the village. The outsiders were dismembered by the villagers and fed the bridge on the night of the full moon to protect the villagers. But outsiders are still limited, do not know when, the villagers thought of a way to put people and animals together to cook, and then the animals will be infected with the taste of people, when the time comes,aluminium tile trim profiles, together to feed the stone bridge.. The stone bridge will not be able to distinguish, and it will swallow people and animals together. In this way, we can save a lot of people. 。
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