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The flower ate the monster. (13th Dec 22 at 1:20am UTC)
The most noticeable thing is the neat mud in the corner. I don't know if it's a special soil, but it's colorful. Each color is more than ten square meters in size, neatly arranged in turn. It's also neatly buried now. Girls. They put flower seedlings on their heads, or closed their eyes to rest, or chatted in twos and threes. The men sat in the waiting seats ten meters away, staring at the mud floor, chatting in twos and threes, exchanging their experience of flower cultivation. Lian He took Lian Xi's hand and half dragged him forward. "All right, when you are buried in it, you can have a good look. When the time comes, you can't do it even if you don't want to see it." Lian Xi rolled his eyes, and the mood he had just felt strange suddenly disappeared. The flower doctor in charge of reception was a woman in her fifties. She had no jewelry on her body. Her hair was neatly combed and capable. She wore a white gown, which was more capable than the doctor's. Her cuffs and clothes were embroidered with flowers, which were simple and beautiful. As soon as I saw Lianxi's new face, I estimated Lianxi's age and knew that this must be the latest match. I didn't say much. I just took out my optical brain terminal: "Did Miss enter personal information in the greenhouse before?" This is said to Lianhe, after all, the intelligence of girls before pairing is different, and the performance after pairing will be different. Better dialogue is normal, except that knowledge needs to be re-learned, some common sense is more or less known. Poor, just like a newborn baby, needs a little bit of teaching from the beginning,Fiberglass tape measure, not to mention the dialogue, that is, speaking is not clear. Therefore, in the greenhouse agreement, in the first few years of pairing, can not ask the girl's question will not go to ask the girl. Lian He also knew this tradition and said directly, "This is our first time to come to the greenhouse." The flower doctor nodded, lowered his head and wrote something on the light brain. Then he looked up and said,fish measuring tape, "Let's check it first for the time being. We need to check it from head to foot. We need the most accurate parameters. Which set of data from the research Institute and the hospital is of no use to us?" She said this in a plain way, with a natural pride in her tone. It is no wonder that the status of flower doctors in society is several times higher than that of ordinary doctors? For the whole body examination, two people do not have any conflict, Lianxi is still a little worried, before going in to check, she also took a special look at Lianhe. Lianhe pointed to the light brain in his hand: "You go in to check first, and I'll solve the rest of the problems." Watching Lianxi go in, Lianhe sat in the waiting seat outside the door, restrained his smile and opened his light brain. According to the name of the hospital provided by Lianxi, he tapped his fingers on the virtual keyboard, and after a while, the computer screen showed the words "successful invasion". Lianhe did not know what he saw, and the chill in his eyes became stronger. Chapter 13 Contrary to Lianhe's famous hacker title, his attack method has always been known for its gentleness. Find a loophole, walk around the other side's "back garden" and change something.. Do this with ease, Adhesive fish ruler ,Diameter tape measure, the other side did not even notice, let alone what to stop. Lianhe looked at the timer, before and after less than five minutes, he conveniently copied a few surveillance videos, easy to erase all traces of their own, after the completion of these things have been more than half successful. And the remaining half -- He directly invaded the government's portal, found out the identity records used by Lianxi, and deleted all the records about that identity one by one. He is not Lian Xi, naturally know that some people have eyes and hands, even if they can not find a clue for a while, but calm down, want to find anything as long as there is a trace, may follow the clues to find up. He wants to cut off the "possibility" completely. At this point, Lianhe did not stop immediately, but according to his previous cautious personality, he led the IP address to several planets in completely different directions, while his side physically shut down the light brain on the spot, completely insulating the signal to the wild planet countless light years away. Even the river wiped the cold sweat on his head, his lips were faintly white, and his breathing rate was much faster.
In the end still injured, hackers this kind of mental and physical work, can persist for so long, their own body is still doing well. He knew his own state of injury, and he could pretend that nothing had happened in front of Lianxi, but when a person should be weak, he could not even be hypocritical. Sitting on the waiting chair, Lianhe slowed down his breath, opened his eyes with sweat all over his face, and then turned his attention to the light brain. The videos in the video library were so complicated that he only had time to get the two videos through the date screening and the self-screening function of the characters. Open the first video: It was lunch time during the day, and Lian Xi was dressed in a white nurse's uniform, and his energetic appearance was particularly rare. Lianhe looked at her well-founded flicker guard uncle, looked at her eyes do not squint a face of calm walking in the hospital, watched her step by step, seemingly nonsense but thoughtful escape, did not arouse anyone's suspicion. See this Lian River show a smile, many of which are his usual methods, from childhood to arrive, he has never deceived Lian Xi what, has been to educate and treat her as a normal person. Once will not teach twice, twice will not teach three times, such a cycle of repeated teaching, even if Lianxi did not learn on the spot, it is estimated that it has been deeply engraved in the mind, as if sowing a seed. When she is fully grown up, these knowledge and means will take root and sprout. Thinking of this, he conveniently opened the second video: The date of this video is before the first video, and the time is more than six o'clock in the morning, probably because the day of Lianxi's pairing was not smooth. A man hugged Lianxi horizontally and got down from the aircraft with a heavy face. His uniform was covered with blood stains and he could not see whether he was injured or not. But even so,tape measure clip, the man still put the unconscious Lianxi directly into the hospital. His face was so solemn that it was almost wooden, and in the dim light, his side face could still be seen clearly.
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