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The road of the nether world (13th Dec 22 at 1:16am UTC)
The limited food is carefully divided into twenty portions, and the ration is ten days. If there is no result after ten days, we can only appeal to the God of fate. There are only nearly three catties of water to match the food, but it is even more difficult to divide the three catties of water into twenty parts. After research, the two decided to do what was difficult, and the urine should be properly preserved in case it was not needed. Of course, you can't drink urine until you have no way out. After the first meal, Wang Jia worked out the rules for survival: First, try to avoid talking except for shouting for help. 2. Avoid unnecessary physical exertion as much as possible except for necessary actions. But soon after the survival rules were formulated, Wang Mu had seriously violated the survival rules. Ka! Ka! Two sparks flashed, and Wang Mu began to "play" with the lighter again. Suddenly, with a snap, Wang Mu exclaimed, "Firestone!"! Firestone! Hell! The flint flew away! Began to grope around the world. However, how easy is it to find a small flint submerged in the broken earth? By this time, both of them had already put on their clothes. There was a lighter in Wang Jia's suit, but he knew that the flint of Wang Mu's disposable liquid lighter should have been used up long ago. Even if he could find it now,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, it would be impossible to put it on the spring again, and it would be useless to look for it. But if his lighter is taken out, Wang Mu will undoubtedly still light the fire from time to time, and it is hard to say when he will insert the flint. At that time, they will never see the light again. He didn't move. He would like to think that Wang Mu will soon give up the search, but unexpectedly Wang Mu in the search for flint this small matter, but is stubborn to death. Wang Jia finally couldn't help it,Magnesium Sulphate price, "Amu!"! If you lose it, you lose it. Can't you be quiet? "But the flint is gone!" Wang Mu seemed so anxious that he wanted to cry. If it's gone, it's gone. We have to get used to the darkness anyway. "No!"! I'm looking for it! Wang Mu began to grope around the world again. Looked for a while, as if suddenly remembered that Wang Jia also had a lighter, busy asked: "Wang Jia!"! Wang Jia! Where's your lighter? Can I use it? "My lighter?" Wang Jia touched it for a while. "It seems to be under the tree.". Feel if there's anything in the basket or in the briefcase. "No.". I've touched everywhere. "No?"? Forget it if you don't have it. Wang Jia comforted Wang Mu, "We can't live without smoking." "I'm not going to smoke!" Wang Mu roared, "I want a lighter!" Wang Jia was silent. Firestone! Firestone, please! Firestone! Firestone, come out! Wang Mu scurried back and forth in the room. "Wang Jia, make way to see if the flint is under you." He pushed Wang Jia aside and began to grope again. How many times have you looked?! Can you not smoke?! Will you be quiet?! Wang Jia finally caught fire. I told you I wasn't gonna smoke! I want a lighter! Want, strike, fire, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide price, machine! Lv Si Hui Jiao Jun? How many times do I have to tell you?! I refuse! Smoke! Smoke! Just the lighter! Wang Mu's anger is even greater. Wang Jia was extremely angry. "Why do you want a lighter if you don't smoke?"? You don't have the lighter? If you really feel cold, I'll put all my clothes on you! I'm not cold! I want a lighter with flint! A lighter that ignites! Quantity ≡ Yanmeng Yiyiyao? "Will you be quiet?!" Wang Jia slapped Wang Mu in the face. How can I be quiet? How can I be quiet without a lighter?! Wang Mu flew into a rage and pushed Wang Jia, "I'll tell you to get out of my way!"! Don't think I dare not beat you just because you are a big brother! Annoy me, I'll shoot you! Stagger, stagger, compete, hum, play, send a silk blanket, panic, do all the money, spring, steamed bun material frame? "Are you crazy?!" Wang Jia was taken aback. Unexpectedly, Wang Mu took out his gun and threatened him. Who's crazy? Wang Mu hit again triumphantly. Wang Jia was furious. "Put the gun down!" "No!" Wang Mu ignored it and hit it again. The lightning flashed three times, and Wang Jia felt that the stars were flying in front of him. The long darkness made the eyes unable to adapt to the sudden strong light. He kicked the electric shock pistol in Wang Mu's hand. You- "Wang Mu was so angry that he cried out, kicked Wang Jia down and climbed to the ground to touch the electric pistol.".
Before he touched it, he was kicked away by Wang Jia again. Wang Jia simply did not know what to say to this unreasonable younger brother. As soon as he kicked Ka Ai Wang Mu, he immediately picked up the electric shock pistol, handled it three or two times, and threw it on the ground again. Wang Jia, be careful! Wang Mu cried out with a threat, caught the electric pistol, pulled the trigger, and was stunned. Buckle again, there is still no electric light. He kept pulling, but never discharged. Wang Jia, you broke my gun! Wang Mu flew into a rage and hit Wang Jia with one punch. The force was so fierce that he really did it. Amu! Amu! Wang Jia got a few punches, listened to the wind, and dodged again and again. From time to time, he returned a punch and half a foot. "What are you doing, Amu?!" He asked. You broke my gun! I'll kill you! Kill you! Wang Mu's voice was simply crazy. Fear rose, and Wang Jia rolled over and hid in a corner. In the darkness, Wang Mu could only be heard shouting like a madman with the wind of his fists. Wang Jia gritted his teeth, rubbed his body, listened to the wind, and split his palm between Wang Mu's neck. Wang Muhun. As far as daily combat is concerned, Wang Mu is only stronger than Wang Jia, not weaker than him. But in this dark and narrow room, Wang Mu's experience is less after all. After knocking Wang Mu unconscious,Magnesium Oxide powder, Wang Jia breathed a sigh of relief, but he was still not at ease. He quickly took off the tie on his leg and tied Wang Mu's feet firmly. Then he pulled down the tie on his neck and tied Wang Mu's hands. Wait quietly. Magpie Bridge Fairy Reply [57]: Wang Jia was awakened by the sound of crying. Wang Jia sat up hurriedly. Amu, what's wrong with you? Am I already dead? Purr I can't move.. Purr I tied you up. You were a little out of your mind just now. Wang Jia is a little sad.
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