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Douluo Mainland by Tang Jiasanshao [End] (13th Dec 22 at 1:13am UTC)
Two eighth soul skills face two soul bone soul skills. In other words, two ten-thousand-year soul skills face two hundred-thousand-year soul skills. Tang San occupies the advantage of the level of soul skills, while using the speed of the release of soul bone skills to make up for the disadvantage of his previous unstable foothold. And Qianjun and Conquering Demons rely on their deep soul power. The master who can really see all this clearly can't tell who will have the upper hand in this blow at this time. But what he can be sure is that it is very difficult for Tang San, who has already consumed a lot, to gain an advantage. But equally, it is impossible for the opponent to defeat him at one stroke. There were two strange sounds in midair at the same time. Qianjun Douro's huge coiled dragon stick falling from the sky has collided with the azure silent thunder. In that eerie voice, the whole body of Qianjun Douro was filled with a fine layer of blue thunder and lightning, and the whole person fell backward in a violent tremor. Celestial Silence Destroys Thunder is the nirvana skill that the single horn on the head of Celestial Bull Python Daming can send out at the beginning, which is turned into a soul bone skill for Tang San to use. Its attack power is probably second only to the desperate power of Poseidon Trident in all Tang San's skills. Especially the instant explosive force is even more terrible to the extreme. With the increase of Poseidon Trident, the attack power has reached an extremely terrible level, which is not inferior to the Jade Chop once issued by Bibidong. Hence the appearance of the scene of killing the title of Douro. Under the sudden outbreak, even a ninety-six strong man like Qianjun Douro also suffered a loss. However, he is also lucky, after all, now Tang San is facing two opponents, if only in the face of him, then, Tang San is likely to join the light of Poseidon in this day of silence and thunder,disc air diffuser, with the shock of mental strength. With one blow, it is possible to hit him hard at level 96. On the other side, the Titan Sky also collides with the aura emitted by the Demon Conquering Douro. The huge dragon's halo meets a semicircular light wave interwoven with red and yellow. The impact of the instant burst soared into the sky. In the loud noise, the Demon Conquering Douro retreated seven steps in succession before he could barely stand firm, and his arms holding the dragon stick were paralyzed. In terms of strength, the Titan Ape is definitely one of the best of the Soul Beasts. This Titanic break is a victory by force, which is also mixed with unstable gravity fluctuations,Belt Filter Press, which can weaken the opponent's attack. It is a truly powerful attack type with a hundred thousand years of soul skills. Poof, Tang San looked up to the sky and spurted a mouthful of blood, but he did not retreat an inch. He did not even take advantage of the time to beat back his opponent. He stepped forward brazenly. The red soul ring arranged in the eighth place on his body suddenly shone, and a circle of red halo shrouded the two titles of Douro at the same time. For the first time since the appearance of Qianjun and Conquering Demons, Douro turned pale. Earlier, they had seen Bibidong being repulsed in the distance and almost died at the hands of the young man, with some disapproval. On weekdays, they have been practicing or keeping in good health leisurely, and they don't know much about Bibidong. Just think that Bibidong is not strong enough. Separating the two of them to deal with Tang San, they thought they were already quite cautious. More importantly, Tang San has the existence of the trident of Poseidon in his hand. The previous attack they did force Tang San to retreat, although the young man at such an age to achieve the title of Douro enough to shock them, but in their view, rapid sand filters ,rapid sand filters, today's World War I will destroy the young man in the hands. But they never thought that Tang San would instantly burst out two powerful soul forces to repel them at the same time in the case of one enemy two. Especially the Qianjun Douro in the air, at this time under the action of the blue sky and the thunder, the whole body was paralyzed, and the blood in the body was surging, and he was already injured. Although Tang San spurted blood, but after such a violent collision, there was no repair, but also to launch a soul attack, this alone, the two use of the title of Panlong stick Douro is already self-pity.
However, they are also extremely experienced in combat peak Douro, two people at the same time raised their hands of the Panlong stick, although the body of blood surge can not use powerful soul skills, but they are the first time to connect their own soul power and the soul in their hands completely into one, to maintain a solid defensive potential, even if Tang San's attack falls on them. They can also rely on this defensive posture to fight with Tang San with all their soul power. However, the two titles soon realized that something was wrong, because they found that their perception of the surroundings suddenly appeared a brief pause. Everything seems to have become illusory. Tang San continued to send out the eighth soul skill without even correcting it, which was taken by the blue and silver killer whale demon of the evil killer whale king, forcing the enemy to stun for three seconds. No defense skill is immune. In the process of two peak Douro being repelled, he finally found the opportunity. At the same time, the trident of Poseidon in the right hand was thrown out in an instant, and went straight to the air to be fixed. Qianjun Douro, who had not yet fallen to the ground, flew away, and his right hand also clawed forward. Accompanied by the sound of dragon singing, a huge dragon claw came out to catch Douro, which was another soul skill of the right arm soul bone of Tianqing Niu Python, Tianqing dull God claw. Forced by the opponent to retreat, it seems to be about to be unable to resist, Tang San broke out his most overbearing strength, powerful hundred thousand years of soul skills used one after another, even in an instant to reverse the situation, launched a Jedi counterattack. The first unlucky is Qianjun Douro, although his Panlong stick has been in front of him, making a posture that any attack can resist, but he is facing the trident of Poseidon, which weighs one hundred and eight thousand catties. With a loud noise, the trident of Poseidon hit the Panlong stick, and there was no doubt that Qianjun Douro had been bombarded and flew out of Jialing Guan Chengtou. His mouth was full of blood. Although not be hit hard, but this at least let him want to re-mount ChengTou need not a short time. This or Tang San is not in good condition at this time,fine bubble diffuser, if it is in the peak state, only need to send out this blow in the golden thirteen halberds, Qianjun Douro will not be spared.
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