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The Adolescence of Shushan Swordsmen (28th Nov 22 at 1:07am UTC)
When Huan Lan heard Tang Mi's voice in the room just now, he felt a burst of joy in his heart, but I don't know why, when he really saw her, he unconsciously wanted to put on an expression of indifference, as if he was afraid that she would feel happy when she saw her. It's so noisy that you know you've been molested ten miles away. Huan Lan said with a sullen face. Cut, heard not to come out early, no loyalty. Tang Mi curled her lips. If you don't come out, your guards will be taken care of by us. Angelica dahurica Wei also came over and said. If it's so useless, it's better to be cleaned up. Huan Lan glanced at the two guards standing on one side with their hands down. Such an emotionless remark reminded Tang Mi of Huan Lan's identity. She took one look at him and accused him discontentedly, "It's no use. What are you doing with them? Do you still need someone to guard your martial arts?"? Are you afraid that others will not know that you are the brother of the King of Wei? Huan Lan was stupefied. He had never seen the giggling Tang Mi talk to himself in this tone. For a moment, he did not know where to annoy the girl, nor did he know where to explain. Then a timid voice behind him said, "They are my guards." Tang Mi looked at the sound and saw that the door behind Huan Lan had opened a crack, and a thin and comely little girl had leaned out half of her body and was looking at herself shyly with watery eyes. Tang Mi was used to making fun of Huan Lan. Without even thinking about it, she joked, "Oh, I brought my family with me. No wonder I had to be careful to guard them." Huan Lan's face rose two red clouds,Agate Slabs For Sale, once again blocked by Tang Mi. The little girl came out with a smile and kindly took Tang Mi and Angelica dahurica by one hand and said, "The two sisters are from the Royal Sword Hall. My name is Xue Jiahe. I'm Lan's cousin. I'm here to take this year's Shushan Sword Boy exam." Tang Mi still maintains the concept of his own world to his cousin, and treats him as a general relative. But Angelica dahurica is more sensitive to this kind of thing, she answered with a faint smile: "Well, Shushan Jian Tong almost two hundred people can pick out one, if you can be elected,Pietra Gray Marble, from now on the husband sings with the wife, it is a beautiful thing in the world." This time, Huan Lan and Xue Jiahe were embarrassed and blushed. The next day, Tang Mi and Angelica dahurica Wei stood at the door of the inn and were about to set off on the road when they saw a black horse galloping in the distance. When the horse came near, a man jumped off the horse's back, his face covered with dust, and Zhang Wei was left behind by them. When Zhang Wei saw the two of them, he was very happy. "I finally caught up with you two," he said. "Why don't you wait for me to go with you?" "Where is your first beauty?" Tang Mi asked. She doesn't want to go. It should be far away. Zhang Wei answered. Then why are you chasing us? Why don't you kiss your baby? Tang Mi continued. When Zhang Wei heard the words "baby kiss," he smiled sheepishly and said, "However, I think since all three of us are in the State of Chu, we should go back to Shushan together. I think this is very important. Anyway, grey marble slab ,Silver Travertine Slabs, it's kind of weird that you guys left me. Angelica dahurica had heard from Tang Mi that Jun's family was designing Zhang Wei. Hearing what he said, she felt very happy and said, "Zhang Wei, you know we won't harm you. We always stand on your side, right?" "Yes, why?" "Then I tell you, Tang Mi happened to hear that Jun Nanfu and her father were designing you, trying to cheat you of something, marriage and so on are all fake." Said Angelica dahurica. Zhang Wei listened, blinked his eyes, did not seem to fully understand, and then smiled and said: "There must be some misunderstanding.". My family is just food and clothing, what can be designed to go? When it comes to marriage, my father also knows about it. He said it was true. Is it difficult for him to lie to me. Tang Mi, you may have made a mistake. When I see Jun Nanfu, I'll ask her. "You're silly. Can she tell you the truth if you ask Junnanfu?" Angelica dahurica tone some unhappy. When Zhang Wei heard this, he was also a little angry. "You said she wouldn't tell the truth before you asked," he said. "You've already concluded that whatever she says is a lie. You can't be a man like that." "I've always been like this. How about you go and ask her? We're just being mean." Angelica dahurica Wei glared at Zhang Wei, dropped such a sentence, turned his head on the carriage.
Tang Mi looked at Zhang Wei, shook his head, sighed, and climbed into the carriage. Along the way, Zhang Wei kept his head down and rode beside the carriage of Tang Mi and Angelica dahurica. Tang Mi lifted the curtain and looked at Zhang Wei's aggrieved face. She turned to Angelica dahurica and said, "Zhi Wei, you don't understand. This kind of thing can't be solved like this." "How do you solve that?" "Angelica dahurica Wei probe looked out of the window immediately figure, tone or some displeasure." Let's take the long view. The fox will show its tail. Tang Mi said with a sly smile. ______________ The first two chapters are written in a hurry. Because of the hook, I really want to bring the story back to Shushan as soon as possible. Long live, back to Shushan, Huan Lan also came out. Today's Xue Jiahe is played by the administrator of the Q group, the fat swan tube:) < font style = "display: none" > [Novel website, mobile phone, computer synchronous reading. You can also download e-books. TXT, CHM, UMD, JAR eBook] </font > Enjoy reading anytime, anywhere! < /div> Part Two: Newcomers of Shushan (Part Two) Three people walked for three days before arriving at Shushan, because Tang Mi mediation, Angelica dahurica Wei and Zhang Wei soon compromise with each other, Angelica dahurica Wei promised not to mention Jun Nanfu design Zhang Wei,Stone Honeycomb Panel, Zhang Wei also promised not to go and Jun Nanfu to verify, all when it is just a misunderstanding. But such a thing does not mean that when it does not happen, it really does not happen. All three of them know that there is a taboo topic between them.
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