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Industrial hegemony (28th Nov 22 at 1:02am UTC)
"What else?" Sissey continued, becoming more and more interested in what Ford was saying. "The Chinese side has always hoped that we can lower the threshold of high-tech exports and transfer some high-tech products unrelated to the military to China," Ford said. These products are in line with the characteristics that Mr. Twin said, and they represent the strength of the United States. "This is absolutely impossible, because it will weaken the relative technological advantage of the United States." Masson Road. Ford sneered again and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, do you think our ban on high-tech exports to China is really effective?"? I'm telling you, it's just a funny piece of paper. Let me give you an example. Have you ever heard of a high-thrust electrodynamic vibration test platform? "I know." Masson said that he is a miscellaneous person and knows a lot of things. "This is an experimental equipment used to verify the reliability of products, especially to test the reliability of launch vehicles, which belongs to the high technology of both military and civilian use." "You're right. In our list of banned products to China, we include the project of an electric vibration platform with a large thrust of more than 9 tons." Said Ford. "So what?" Matson asked? Such a ban is necessary to prevent the Chinese from developing higher-end ballistic missiles. Ford said, "It's a great pity, Mr. Masson. Do you know that the Chinese have already broken through the technology of the 9-ton platform?". A few years ago,smart board interactive whiteboard, American manufacturers were importing 16-ton thrust vibration platforms from China, which we could not make. The vibration platform used by the Chinese themselves is 50 tons of thrust, which is the largest vibration platform in the world. In this case, we are still deceiving ourselves and others to embargo 9 tons of platforms to China. Don't you think this is a ridiculous thing? "Is that so?" Sissy looked at Masson and asked. "Uh.." Mason was at a loss for words. He had a vague recollection of having heard someone say something about it, and Ford had said it in a methodical way, so he thought it was not a lie. "I think Mr. Ford's information is probably more accurate,smart board for conference room," he replied hesitantly. To be honest, this is something that the military considers, and I haven't been paying attention to it. Ford said with emotion: "Relying on the high-tech embargo can no longer stop China's technological progress, if we could have done so 10 years ago.". Maybe there are some effects. I'm very sorry. The United States missed 10 years. We won the war in Iraq and we won the war in Afghanistan. But we lost our position as a global industrial power. In the past 10 years, the Chinese people have gained the qualification of equal dialogue with us, and we can no longer point fingers at them as we did in the past. As an American. Looking at the decline of the United States, Ford is still very sad. But for this situation, he can only mourn its misfortune and anger its non-contention. He knows that American politicians are always thinking about how to please the voters, while the people want to work less and spend more, digital touch screen board ,4k smart board, even if they are willing to overdraw the future. In the United States, it is financial conglomerates, not manufacturing conglomerates, that control the lifeblood of the entire economy. Financial tycoons simply do not know what technology is, they are keen on the game of making money with money. In such an environment. It is unrealistic to expect the United States to compete with China in the industrial field. It is better to simply abandon the idea of competing with each other and accept China as a member of equal dialogue, as Lin Zhenhua suggested. Think about it carefully, the United States still has many advantages, vast territory and abundant resources, whether agricultural or mineral products. It is very attractive to China, and it is enough for Americans to eat and drink by selling these primary products. In addition, the United States also has a lot of high technology. As the saying goes, a lean camel is bigger than a horse. Although China has made rapid progress in recent years, there is still a certain gap compared with the United States. American high technology is in the hands of American enterprises. It can not be transformed into economic benefits, but if we adopt the way of cooperation with Chinese enterprises, we can achieve a win-win situation. Why not do such a good thing? As for how the United States can maintain its prosperity after the high technology of the past has been used up, I am afraid it will be at least 20 years later.
A Chinese sage once said, "Let future generations solve these troubles. We should believe that the wisdom of future generations is higher than that of today's people.". Gainer, who was also inspired by Ford, added: "China has also always wanted to cooperate more extensively with the United States in the financial sector. China's banking industry has abundant funds, but lacks excellent financial talents, while the United States has a large number of financial talents.". Therefore, the space for cooperation between the two sides is very broad. I think it is better to cooperate more than to fight a trade war with China. "I think the development of education industry is also a very good idea." For fear of being despised, Masson hurriedly threw out an idea. "As far as I know, Chinese people attach great importance to education, and many Chinese parents are willing to pay a lot of money to send their children abroad to study.". Britain has done a very good job in this respect. They have opened up many study abroad programs. Every year, they can generate billions of pounds by accepting Chinese students alone. We have many more universities in the United States than in the United Kingdom, and if we can expand the scale of recruiting Chinese students, I think it will be easy to earn $10 billion a year. When they finally stopped talking, he gave a long sigh and said, "So you all think we can't beat China in industry?" "At least in some areas of industry, yes." The answer was very implicit, although what they really wanted to say was that the United States was no longer competitive in all industrial fields. In that case,touch screen board classroom, let CFIUS know and lift the ban on the asayama wind farm. Sisai said sadly. As they left the Oval Office, Sisai slumped feebly in his big arm-chair, thinking of his ambitions and feeling sad. He did not know how things could have developed to such an extent. Could it be that his impression of a powerful and incomparable United States was only an illusion.
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