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Huanzhu Landlord _ Shushan Swordsman Biography (28th Nov 22 at 12:57am UTC)
Yi Jing saw that most of the enemies were ferocious in appearance and strange in expression. Inside, there were five short, stout, ferocious-looking sorcerers, each dressed in black and dressed as a Taoist boy, with similar costumes and expressions. There was a demon banner on his back, two black glittering demon nails on his shoulders, and a serrated knife with sharp edges on both sides. His body was covered with black gas, quite like the legendary five ghost brothers of Chashan. Knowing that their black dog nails are famous and powerful, the sorcerer is the brother of Huang Meng, the real person of the fire method, who roars at the heavenly king Tong Si. He is the most protective of the calf, and the evil method is high. That is to say, these five people are no longer weak. In addition, there were two tall sorcerers in the shape of giant spirits, who were also brothers. Each of them relied on a pestle, and their waists were very large, as if they had a lot of things hidden. I haven't seen this group of sorcerers in the last Emei Mansion. The good ones don't come, and the good ones don't come. Besides, there are two strong enemies who haven't arrived yet. So Yi Jing is afraid that all of them will lose. But Pang Huacheng, one of the opponents, the evil method is still in the second place, the most powerful is the sun and moon five-star wheel, if it can not be broken, it is necessary to prevent him from jumping over the wall, attack from outside the mountain, open the way into the underground, but Dayi Wuyanluo can only guard against the top and the whole mountain outside. This wheel is a famous treasure in the left path. Once it cannot be controlled, the people near the mountain will suffer and the nearby scenery will be damaged. Moreover, Yihuanling has a vast territory and many enemies. Although they have not arrived at this time, there are no less than twenty people. If the enemy knows the details of Wuyanluo, they will attack together in all directions. If they make a slight mistake, they will attack from outside the mountain, and the beautiful scenery of the mountain will be damaged. There are few people on my side,fake ficus tree, so how can I take care of them? Yi Jing hurriedly told Zhuang Yi and other seven people by voice to make them pay attention. At the same time secretly inform Laigu, the previous four enemies will be introduced into the cave after the quick appearance. Fortunately, for Xin Lingxiao, I don't want to hurt her, so I might as well take a step towards her. Just then, several sorcerers in the air had been killed or wounded. It turned out that because the time had not yet come, Yi Jing knew that although the enemy's sun, moon, and five-star wheels were extremely powerful, they had to be prepared when they were used. When they came up, they attacked with all their strength, and their magic weapons and flying swords were released one after another. Pang Huacheng did not expect the enemy to be so fierce,decorative palm trees, so he used his magic weapon to meet the enemy separately. Relying on the speed of flying and escaping, he had suffered a great loss before and no longer underestimated the enemy. Although he was forced to be in a hurry, he hated himself and had no time to do anything, but Yi Jing could not hurt him in a hurry. Ying Qiong and Ying Nan were ordered to wait in Jingqiong Valley, waiting for the arrival of Tu Ba and other enemies, and then go to war. Unexpectedly, many evil spirits came to attack on a large scale, the number of people was very large, and the evil law was strong, so they had to act ahead of time. Zhuang Yi and other seven people, if not Yi Jing's voice, did not seek merit when fighting, but first sought no fault. When they came up, they used magic weapons and flying swords to protect themselves. Wu Wenqi and Yu Fangxi were almost injured by evil methods. Only the power of the three-flower shuttle used by Wanzhen is magical, and the golden, red and white lights are interwoven like shuttles, surrounding the whole body. Every time the evil method comes to attack, there will be golden flowers in front of them, flying out tens of millions of silver rain and Venus, which will come and go in the evil light and fog. Although she was often blocked, she had the upper hand, and the enemy could do nothing about her. And Lian Hongyao, under the protection of the flying sword, large artificial blossom trees ,silk ficus tree, sent out twenty-seven Shura swords, which were also flying in the air. Wherever he went, except for the five ghosts of Chashan and the two big men who could resist, the rest all fled. The rest of the five same doors can only protect themselves, and it is difficult to attack. In particular, the enemy first came 16, not counting later, even Sha Hongyan, together, has reached as many as 31 people. It is also the danger that everyone in the magic wave pool should have. Pang Hua's body magic power is still in the second place. The sun, moon and five-star wheel was originally a rare treasure of the past, but it was taken away by the teacher. After years of hard training, it became more and more powerful. At the beginning, Ying Qiong was like a pincer attack with Yi Jing. It was easy to kill the sorcerer. Just because of the natural disposition of evil, the most protective of the same door, see the enemy is too strong, think Yi Jing will not matter, did not come forward. Also did not wait for the order, then flew into the air. Ying Nan and Ying Qiong flew up one after another. A group of evil spirits in the sky were swaggering and scolding one after another. Unexpectedly, two killing stars came. Ziying Sword and Nanming Fire Sword were both rare treasures of Xianfu. Moreover, with Yingqiong's Qinglingsui and Buddhist Dingzhu, their power was even more magical. Inside, the five ghosts of Cha Shan first used a throwing knife against the enemy. Seeing that the enemy used a fairy sword and a magic weapon to defend himself, it was difficult to attack him, so they sent the black dog out. As soon as the black dog nail came out, there was the sound of thunder and barking. The outer layer was a black light, but the inner layer was wrapped in a dark red nail-shaped red shadow. It was the most sinister magic weapon in the cult.
No special person will die, and the blood-colored sparks emitted from the black light are as thin as cow hair, which can enter the gap, especially fierce, and there is no reason to touch them, especially dirty magic weapons and flying swords. Because the five ghosts are always cunning, they are greedy for the treasures. See the number is very large, the two big fellow is the west sea yellow croaker island famous giant God king Shang Hong, Shang Zhuang, originally is the earth wood island Lord Shang Wu evil son, because of the big evil, was banned on the yellow croaker island for many years, recently got out, was about to come by Sha Hongyan. These two people have the most magic weapons, and the five ghosts may not be able to show themselves. This is not going to use the black dog nail out of the bucket, because although the enemy is weak, but all defensive treasure, none can be hurt. There were two young girls inside who were even more difficult to fight. Unfortunately, Xu was injured by the Shura Dao before he began to display it. It was an instant inquiry, and the two sides happened to start at the same time. As soon as the five demon nails appeared, the two female fairy swords, one purple and one red, came like a rainbow. As soon as they came into contact, the demon light was scattered by the two swords. Five ghosts treasure this treasure as life, can not help but be frightened, finally close the potential step fast, did not cut off. Lian red medicine and two female to good, see out of the fight, in the heart exultation, hurriedly go, just worth five ghosts close nails side escape. The other two sorcerers wanted to plot against each other because they saw the magic of the magic weapon. Taking advantage of the melee, they retreated to one side and prepared for the evil method. Just as he was about to make a sudden attack, he caught a glimpse of Li and Yu rising from the smoke under the light net. Because they had lived overseas for a long time, they did not know the power of the Emei Sect. Although they saw the strong light of the sword, they still relied on the evil method, thinking that the Black Dog Nail, the Five Ghosts of Chashan Mountain, would never be defeated. Seeing that the two girls were as beautiful as immortals, they had delusions and wanted to get out of the way. They were fascinated and captured back to the mountains. Unexpectedly, according to the death star, as soon as their evil method started, the red medicine suddenly flew in. Ying Qiong was waiting to catch up with the enemy when she suddenly saw two yellow lights in the slanting thorn. In the light, two sorcerers, one tall and one short, each held a magic weapon shaped like a fish head. Their mouths and eyes were full of black gas, and there was a white smoke in the fishskin bag around their waists, which was shooting out vigorously. He also saw that the red medicine was flying from the side,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and the evil smoke was fishy and dirty. The material was unusual, and he was afraid that the evil would be injured, so he released the beads.
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