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Mad God _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise (28th Nov 22 at 12:55am UTC)
He gathered all his fighting spirit on the sword, and then used the wind magic to speed himself up. His body was rotating at a high speed in the air. When he was 5 meters away from me, his fighting spirit had already pricked my skin with a dull pain. If he pricked it, even with my defensive power, I'm afraid he would be hurt. "Well done," I shouted. Yun Zu had already gathered the dark power, and he was hit head-on with a punch. A black and white fight came out, and I didn't believe that I would lose. At the moment when the two forces were about to collide, the wind in the air turned to the left, dodging the punch I would kill, and the sword still stabbed me in the chest. The wind asked is to use the wind magic to change the direction, no matter how I dodge, he can come after me. At this critical moment, my heart actually calmed down, clearly felt the direction of his attack, shouted: "crazy thunder." Facing his attack, the sword turned into a fist all over the sky, blocking all his movable positions and forcing him to fight with me. The wind asked obviously did not think that I actually had such a skill, has been unable to escape,sonicator homogenizer, he gritted his teeth and rushed to speed up. Boom. The sword and fist finally hit each other in the air. I suffered because my strength was too scattered. Although my absolute strength was much greater than his, I still suffered a loss. The underwear on my chest was punctured by the fighting spirit of the sword, and left a half-inch deep blood stain on my chest muscle. The blood came out along my chest, and the meridians in my body were also impacted. I gasped and got down on one knee to support my weight with my hands. It was the first time I had been injured since I came out of the Orc Imperial City. Feng Wen seemed to be better than me on the surface, but he also consumed a lot of physical energy. The sword was only half of it because it could not withstand the huge momentum just now. He also knelt on one knee to support his body with the broken sword, but the meridians in his body were badly damaged by my powerful force. The cold feeling was all over his body. He was desperately using his fighting spirit to dissolve the invading dark force. I put my left hand on my chest a few times, sealed the blood,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, barely stood up from the ground, shook a few times before barely standing. For the first time, I had doubts about my father's skill of reducing ten benefits by one force, and realized the importance of skill for the first time. Now I want to win extremely difficult, physical exertion is too great, coupled with the chest injury, a slight movement of the pain on the attack. The cold sweat has soaked through the underwear. Feng Wen also stood up shaking and said, "Do you want to fight again?" There was a helpless smile on his face. "If you can still attack, I will lose," I said with a wry smile. "Each other.". It seems that Feng Juan is cheap. After he said this, we both fell back at the same time. The teacher in charge of the class quickly jumped onto the ring and looked at our injuries. He found that our lives were not in danger. He breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Both sides are hurt."? Quick, class, ultrasonic dispersing machine ,ultrasonic molten metal, take them to the infirmary. …… There was a strong smell of medicine. I reluctantly opened my eyes and struggled to sit up. But as soon as I moved a little, a great pain came from my chest. I had to fall back on the bed. I felt my chest wrapped in thick gauze. I fought back the intense pain to keep myself from groaning and looked sideways. Lying on the bed next to me, Feng asked. This is supposed to be the infirmary. I carried the dark force to check the meridians in my body, and several of them in my chest had been blocked. Fortunately, my thunder armor blocked most of the fighting spirit, otherwise, it would be troublesome to hurt my heart. I used the dark force to dredge the blocked meridians bit by bit. I don't know how long it took, but I heard someone coming in. Why aren't these two boys awake. Is not a monitor, so desperately, to desperately also wait until the grade big contest to spell again, this can be good, just start school are lying in the infirmary. It's teacher Zhuang's voice. I felt a cold little hand on my head. "Fortunately, I don't have a fever. There should be no inflammation." Uncontrolled, my heart filled with a warm current, why does she care about me so much, is it because I am her student? "The wind asked what was going on. Ordinarily, he should not have been seriously injured by Lei Xiang, but how could he not wake up? How could his body be so cold?" Teacher Zhuang's anxious voice came over.
The blocked meridians had been dredged by me. When I opened my eyes, Mr. Zhuang was sitting on the bed of Feng Wen, pressing his head with his hand. "Teacher," I said weakly, "he was hit by my black ice. I must solve it." In fact, of course, it is the dark force. Lei Xiang, you're awake. I've never heard of your black ice fighting spirit before, but it's really powerful. How can you solve it for him? "Give me his hand." The two beds are not far apart, only an arm's length away. I put my hand on Feng Wen's pulse and slowly absorbed the dark power that had invaded his body. The black gas gradually came back from his hand to my body. Instead of feeling laborious, I felt that the dark power was gradually filling up. The spirit is a little better than when I woke up. Teacher, he should be all right. He will be all right if he has a rest. "Your fighting spirit is quite magical. You have to resolve it by yourself. Originally, I thought the wind would wake up before you. Tell me about you two. Why do you fight to the death? Originally, I preferred one of you to be the monitor. Now, let Fengjuan be the monitor. If you have the strength to wait until the grade contest, you can make good use of it and win glory for the class. Why do you fight for your own life?" She can really say, gushing, "Teacher, how long have I been unconscious?" One day and one night. On the first day of school, two of them went to the infirmary, and I was scolded by the headmaster. Teacher Zhuang's face showed an angry look. One day and one night, my poor black dragon was hungry again. "Teacher, can you take me out?" "What are you going out for? You have to take good care of your injuries." "I have a horse in the barn at the college and I want to feed him. He hasn't eaten since yesterday." Teacher Zhuang said, "All right, you can have a rest. I'll help you feed it. I really owe you." With these words, she stood up to go out. No,ultrasonic welding transducer, sir. My horse only eats what I feed him. I'm afraid you can't feed him. Teacher Zhuang frowned and said, "Why is it so troublesome? Well, you wait. I'll find you a wheelchair and push you there." 。
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